Ddulden’s Last Flight

by Grorr

Ddulden Dreams Beyond the Peak
Sky High
Hit the Ground
Sirens Call
Ddulden Flies to His Fate
Blackened Rain
Newborn Whirlwind
Last Flight


Grorr was created in 2005 in Pau (France). Its music mixes progressive/math/rock/metal featuring the use of traditional instruments from all around the world, all crafted within concept albums. Grorr surprises and gathers both organic and powerful music imprinted with various atmospheres.

Since the beginning, it has always been essential for the band to tell social fables. Grorr gives shape to these stories and creates its albums according to storyboards, which are made as the first step. After releasing Anthill in 2012, the band signed with Swedish label ViciSolum Productions for The Unknown Citizens out in 2014. Both albums were very well received by the critics, French and international alike and were nominated in many «Best Album » categories, so were their stop-motion video clips in animated film festivals such as Clermont-Ferrand. The band released a full-concert live show in 2016 that marked a turning point for the line up as the leading singer left the project letting a new member join the family in his stead. This change was inaugurated during Metal Oper’Art 2017 festival in Strasbourg, which took place in the National Opera and live streamed on Arte Concert.

In 2021, Grorr makes a big comeback with two releases : a two-track opus as appetisers, featuring its traditional stop motion video clip; and a Long-Play called Ddulden’s Last Flight as the main course, a new concept album paying homage to the classics of adventure movies’ original soundtracks.

Discography :
Eponym EP (self produced) : 2008
Pravda (self produced LP) : 2011
Anthill (self produced LP) : 2012
The Unknown Citizens (ViciSolum Productions; LP) : 2014
II (ViciSolum Productions; SP) : 2020
Ddulden's Last Flight (ViciSolum Productions; LP) : 2021

Check out the video for "Orang Lao"


releases February 26, 2021


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ViciSolum Records Stockholm, Sweden

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