by Paara

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Vladimir Poutine
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Vladimir Poutine Quality Finnish black metal with tasteful folk influence and some ballsy riffs. Not without its rough patches, but it's one of the stronger BM entries in 2018 thus far. A pleasing and smooth listen. Favorite track: Suon sydän.
Black Metal HQ
Black Metal HQ thumbnail
Black Metal HQ wow... seems to be a pretty safe TOP 10 aoty '18 pick. this is just pure greatness. feel free to check out Black Metal HQ on youtube: www.youtube.com/c/BlackMetalHQ Favorite track: Suon sydän.
NoBody thumbnail
NoBody Fucking Brilliant.....My album of 2018, possibly all time. This just keeps getting better each time you listen to it \m/

Best album that I've EVER heard! Favorite track: Viimeinen virta.
Raven SixK
Raven SixK thumbnail
Raven SixK Impressive, LOVING Helmouth's vocals. Favorite 2018 album so far. Highly and completely recommend. Favorite track: Hurmeen hauta.


Finnish black/folk metal band Paara is set to release their second album "Riitti”. Paara´s sound is a complex mixture of melancholic melodies and atmospheric raw black metal – moments of serenity turning like a tide into raging winter storm. Themes have been revolving around Finnish stories of poltergeists, old rituals/incantations and myths/folktales. Paara is sung in Finnish to capture the essence of these stories and the atmosphere to depict them.


released February 9, 2018


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ViciSolum Records Stockholm, Sweden

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